Longmead House

Privacy Policy

Longmead House Privacy Policy (GDPR registered)

We may collect the following information when a booking is made or you check in:

• Guest name(s)
• Postal address
• Email address
• Telephone number
• Car Registration
• Nationality
• Passport No
• Next Destination
• Debit or Credit Card details

The reason for this information is because
We are required by law to collect the names of each guest staying along with other information depending whether you are part of the commonwealth or not.

Your email address is used to send you confirmation of your booking and also contains information you might find useful such as directions, restaurant recommendations and things to do during your visit.

From time to time we email with any queries or questions we may have about your booking or to respond to any questions you have asked. At check out you maybe asked to give your feedback about your stay via writing an online review on occasion this is followed up with an email.

Your phone number is only used to request further information about your booking such as a time of arrival, your preference for the rooms configuration or if we have been unable to contact you via email

When we take your payment over the phone, we will use the address the card is registered at to validate the card. We may also use your postal address if you have requested paper copies of your booking confirmation or other information and if you have left any of your possessions behind so that you can be reunited with them.

How your data is stored
Any personal information and debit/credit card data you supply us, as part of the booking process, is stored securely on a third-party booking system called qbook. If you have made your booking via a source, such as Booking.Com or Expedia, that information is sent to us in an encrypted form and then the information is securely stored in a locked filling cabinet. We also keep contact information on a password-protected database. Information is also held with Lloyd’s cardnet who we use for our merchant services.

Your data will not be shared with any third party unless there are for legal or medical reason.
Access to your information
You can contact us directly if you would like access to your information:

Longmead House, 9 Longmead, Lynton, Devon, EX35 6DQ
01598752523 info@longmeadhouse.co.uk

If you make a booking online your information will be stored with Queensbourgh Group (qbook booking system) Queensborough Group 14 Bury New Rd, Breightmet, Bolton BL2 6QB. You can also see their privacy policy at https://www.queensboroughgroup.co.uk/privacy/

If you pay by card or we take a deposit your information will be held by Lloyds Cardnet at Cardnet Merchant, Services, Phoenix House, Christopher Martin Road, Basildon, Essex
SS14 3EZ. You can also view their privacy policy at